3 thoughts on “Open Fire, Café Moot and Birds

  1. It sounds like a kinda parallel weekend to mine @Lolita.

    Fire, cooking, death and life, healing herbs, (including mandrake root and plant, either of which i had never seen before,) and archery, beliefs, entities and magik.

    I want to add also, that I’m totally sure you helped greatly with the passing of the bird, as you well know, simply because you care.

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  2. Thanks Trace,

    Poor bird! It was amazing holding him in my hand. I was stroking him a little too. I heard that stress caused by being captured can cause death on its own, but this little thing was so weak it wasn’t even trying to escape. I had nothing better to put him in, so I used my hand and as I was holding him I talked to him and stroked him. Anton was holding the umbrella to protect him (and myself) from the rain. I really hoped that it will survive, but it it was badly wounded. Half of its head had missing feathers and was bloody. I think it must have been attacked.

    I have never seen mandrake root except for photographs in books and online. I have some herbs in my garden: sage, oregano, mint, thyme, tarragon, lots of rosemary and lemon balm. It’s amazing how many plants have healing properties…

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