Stroll in Merkinch Reserve.


It was a lovely Summer evening. We strolled along the Caledonian Canal in a bright sunshine and arrived at the Witches Coffin Pool. Cool refreshing breeze from the waters of the firth was filling the air with smell of the sea. We observed birds walking in the mud flats exposed by low tide. Few herons flew pass as we walked the narrow path between two ponds. Blooming honeysuckles and wild roses filled the air with intoxicating scent. Whizzing calls of a Greenfinch reached our ears and we watched a duck with few ducklings foraging by the reed beds. We walked further to the Silver Pool where we noticed a flock of elusive birds perched on a tree. We finished our stroll by watching heron catching fishes before we retraced our steps back to the canal.







The walk was very relaxing and pleasant. We will definitely repeat it some other time! Meanwhile we’re hoping that the weather will hold for our Saturday picnic in Culloden.

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