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The open circle now has a discussion group on Facebook that will facilitate planning events, walks and meetings. It will also democratise such planning, enabling anyone to suggest a meeting at any time.  I’ve had to make this separate from the Facebook page because of conflicting restrictions on what each can do.  The group can’t auto update from this blog, whereas the page can’t be used well for discussion.

To find the group, follow this link for Highland Open Circle Discussion.

One thought on “Discussion group

  1. Hi folks, I suddenly felt like I wanted to be my old self today. (almost…)
    Blessings and power to you, and of course, the help of whichever manifested entity/god/goddess/deity that you feel called to enlist in your endeavour to save the majority of this unenlightened, uninspired, selfish, greedy and totally lost humanity that have the damn cheek to call themselves civilised.

    Hail eris. Hail to the only way out, the Pagan Way.


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