Highland Open Circle  meets  every second Monday of the month in Wetherspoons on Church st, Inverness at 20:00.

We are happy to organise wide variety of events and activities depending on demand. If you would like to attend any of these get in touch with us through our mailing list or by sending text to 07852991680. Once the event is confirmed we will announce it on d and post it on the home page.

  • Visit to a sacred site, walk in nature or a picnic.

Nice to engage in when we want to  explore the area and connect to local spirits, choose a site for a ritual, do some informal magic or hold a celebration.

We can visit sites around Inverness such as Pictish hill fort in Craigphadrig forest, Witches Pool in Merkinch Reserve, Ness Islands, Clava Carns and Clootie Well in Culloden or we can venture farther to Fairy Glen and Channory Point in Rosmarkie, , Falls of Foyers and Boleskine grave yard,  amongst many other great locations. Feel free to suggest your own favourite place and we can all meet in there.

  • Drumming Circle, Film night, Evening of Divination, Storytelling, Meditation Group etc.

Such events will take place in a private dwellings of the members and require attending one of the previous activities beforehand. You can host one yourself if you wish to do so.

  • Talks and workshops.

Another activity we would meet for in private. We might book a venue in a future when our group will reach too high number to comfortably accommodate at home.

We can host an event of this kind on variety of subjects such as: symbolism, divination,  methods of trance and meditation, making scented oils and incense, automatic drawing and writing, banishing rituals, creating magical tools, how to design a ritual, methods of spell casting, different paths of magic and spirituality, Chaos Magic, Nature Magic, Thelema, magic and technology etc. You can also suggest a subject and we will do our best to cover it.

If you would like to you can also give a talk or do a workshop for us.

Past workshop media

  • Rituals and regular working/playing groups.

Once we establish a small committed group of members we can progress into developing a working/playing group and host more advanced rituals. Some of these could be remote synchronised work/play done by members in their own dwellings and other could involve a meeting. This largely depends on the people involved. We do not intend to formalise the group into a coven in a traditional sense. This idea aims at providing the opportunity to do magic in a group for solitary practitioners.  We indicate light-hearted attitude to this by using word play in addition to work.

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our activities please get in touch!

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